What Is a Christian Trauma Therapist?

Experiencing trauma and all of its complexities is an inescapable part of being human. We were created to shoulder all the burdens of this life and consider their meanings carefully. Whatever trials and tribulations come our way, as Christians, we know they each hold an important lesson for us, so long as we take the time to listen.

A Christian trauma therapist knows this all too well. While conventional therapists may try to help you overcome your issues without any mention of a higher power, Christian trauma therapists have a different perspective.

It’s this perspective that aligns with our core beliefs and assists in guiding us along the path God has set out for us. Read on to find out how aligned beliefs benefit therapy, and how a more Christian approach may be right for you.

Trauma Therapy

In general, life tends to throw us all interesting curveballs. While these issues may seem less than ideal at face value, without a few bumps in the road, we would never grow to become sufficiently resilient. A person who has never faced hardship would fold in the face of the first problem they encounter and would be of no use to anybody, least of all themselves.

This perspective, while true, is sometimes hard to appreciate in the middle of a particularly difficult situation. Understanding the truth of it helps a lot to overcome hardship, but it takes time to reach this understanding and appreciate it for what it is. This is where trauma therapy comes in, which is in essence a little help to aid us in times of strife.

Trauma therapy is beneficial for everyone from all walks of life, but differences in foundational beliefs count for a lot. Leveraging religious beliefs, for example, helps enormously for people who have true faith. This is why, if you’re a practicing Christian, finding a therapist who shares your beliefs can make all the difference.

Christian Trauma Counseling

The beauty of Christian trauma counseling is that you can feel truly heard when you voice concerns about the path God has set out before you. Any mention of God or Jesus Christ to someone who doesn’t understand or appreciate their importance in your life usually falls flat. Unfortunately, it’s common for atheistic people, for example, to change their opinion of you simply by stating the depth of your belief.

The lack of understanding between those of us with faith and those of us with none is a gulf that cannot be crossed by simple explanations. Baring your soul in times of trouble to someone who doesn’t understand that the presence of God is a pillar of our lives doesn’t bode well for a communicative relationship. Good communication is the backbone of therapy, and without it, the therapy process won’t be nearly as effective as it would be otherwise.

Those of us with a particularly close relationship with God require a different kind of counselor when it comes to therapy, as God plays such a key role in our lives. Attempting to help a counselor understand why God is so important to us is a waste of time that could otherwise be spent attending to the issues you require help with. Christian trauma therapy allows for a direct approach without having to worry about how potential differences might get in the way.

Help Understanding God’s Intention

No matter the situation, we can rest assured that it’s what God has decided for us. What this means, in the long run, might be unclear, especially if our hardship is uncomfortable and its purpose unclear. The faith that our lives are in His benevolent hands is a powerful reminder that everything will work out in the end.

In the meantime, reaching out for help is a lesson in and of itself. We weren’t put on this Earth to go it alone, and seeking assistance from our fellow Christians is a perfect solution to many of our problems. Sometimes all it takes is a shoulder to lean on to remind ourselves that our journey is a shared one, no matter the destination.

With particularly difficult situations, it might be difficult to understand why God would choose such painful trials for us to overcome. Some types of trauma run deep, and the symptoms of trauma can begin to coalesce to the point of seeming insurmountable. While feeling lost, a frank conversation about your emotions and current position concerning your faith and God himself is often necessary.

Christian Trauma Treatment

For Christians, God’s will is inextricable from all goings on, including our tribulations. There’s an enormous amount of well-being to be had at the thought that whatever’s happening, it’s all a part of a larger plan. Christian-centric trauma therapy works around this idea and helps people of faith to realize a helpful perspective.

Christian counselors use their expertise in conjunction with the word of God. Passages from the Bible make for excellent support and the perfect reminder of the direction we’re headed in. For example, Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Passages in the Bible are a fantastic place to look for direction and help if you’re ever in need of guidance. Coupled with the help of a professional Christian therapist, every problem can be overcome. 

Finding a Christian Trauma Therapist

Finding the right therapist is a journey, too, and one which must be undertaken seriously. If you’re a person of faith and concerned about the path God has set out for you, a Christian trauma therapist will undoubtedly be best.

At Grace Psychological Services, we specialize in providing a Christian approach to a variety of common issues. Our veteran-owned practice has helped thousands of people with all kinds of problems, from marital issues to PTSD.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! We’d love to hear from you.