Christian Counseling in Louisville, Kentucky

Is Christian Counseling right for you?

  • Are you questioning your purpose in life and need help from a Christian Counselor? 
  • Do you believe that God could never love or forgive you?
  • Are you stuck in a “rut” regarding your spiritual life?
  • Is your marriage struggling desire a healthy Biblical marriage from a Christian Marriage Counselor?
  • Have you “made life work,” but you still aren’t fulfilled?
  • Are you having doubts about your faith which are prompting you to seek the truth about God?

Are you having doubts about If any of the above issues above sound familiar, then a Christian Counselor at Grace Psychological Services in Louisville, Kentucky can help. 

Are you looking for a Christian Counselor who will incorporate your Christian faith in your therapy?

Many times, a person who is a Christian wants to talk with someone who understands and values their faith, and who can speak the “language” of their faith. For the person who wants to incorporate Christian counseling in the treatment of their mental health, we are delighted to provide this. For the person whose Christian faith or Biblical teaching is less, or not at all important in daily life, we are equally happy to provide therapy services to effectively treat relationship problems, depression, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, etc.

What is Christian Counseling?

Biblical Christian counseling psychologistChristian counseling is a type of therapy that incorporates Christian values while working to resolve conflicts in one’s life.  Specifically, the therapist uses the insights and principles of Christianity, theology, and modern behavioral sciences in working with individuals, couples, and families, toward the achievement of mental health well-being and Christ-focused lives.  Christian counseling typically involves asking individuals to take an honest look at themselves, compare it to a Biblical worldview, and identify how they want to make changes.  We also have Christian Marriage Counselors who can help improve the overall quality of your marriage from a faith-based counseling perspective. 

Finding God’s path for you through the process of Christian therapy

As Christian counselors, it is our goal to work with you using both Biblical principles and evidence-based mental health treatments.  How exactly the incorporation of spiritual beliefs into the counseling experience will function may vary from client to client.  Some clients really want little more than to know their therapist shares the same belief system.  Others have specific spiritual issues related to their emotional symptoms and want to be able to process those in session with another person of the same faith system.  At times, a more spiritually integrative approach is used with clients who may want to discuss Scripture or prayer.  You are the person to determine how much and in what way spiritual beliefs are incorporated into your therapy.

As Christian counselors, we believe that many of life’s problems come as a result of the condition of the heart. If your heart is right with God, a person’s relationships will reflect that.  We are here to help you take an “inside look” at your heart and encourage you to have a closer and more personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Depending on your situation, we may make therapeutic use of traditional religious resources such as prayer, Scripture reading, and participation in worship and the community life of a congregation. It may also be important to pay special attention to your religious upbringing and how it may contribute to the suffering or resources needed for coping.  We are comfortable integrating faith with proven therapies such as the Gottman Method for Christian marriage counseling or Cognitive Behavior Therapy for individual counseling.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them” – Matthew 18:20

Christian Counseling vs. Secular Therapy

Many Christians struggle with mental health problems but don’t seek therapy. Christians tend to fear secular counseling because they believe the therapist will:

  • Ignore spiritual concerns
  • Treat Christian beliefs and experiences as pathological
  • Fail to comprehend spiritual language and concepts
  • Assume that Christian clients share nonreligious cultural norms
  • Disregard the sanctity of marriage in contrast to Christian Marriage Counseling
  • Recommend therapeutic behaviors that Christians consider immoral

Some of the methods used in Christian counseling may be similar to secular mental health treatments, but often the homework suggested in Christian counseling will relate to your spiritual growth and development to promote your relationship with God and others.

Another primary difference between secular and Christian counseling is that Christian counseling utilizes a Biblical worldview.  It derives its understanding of who we are, the nature of our problems, why we have these problems, and how to resolve them from God’s Word and from mental health research that is compatible with Scripture. It recognizes that we have a sinful nature, and it is our nature that impacts our thinking, emotions, and behaviors.  We enjoy helping people find freedom and confidence in who God created them to be, rather than who the culture says they should be.  Our goal as Christian Counselors is to use sound therapeutic principles that are used in a way that does not disregard the Christian faith and values.

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If you are a Christian living in the Louisville area, our Christian Counselors are here to help

We offer people from Louisville, KY a Christian counseling atmosphere to make you feel at ease as you look to manage life’s challenges.  Our goal for you is to see true and lasting change in your personal, relational, and spiritual life.  We are trained to integrate the Christian faith in Individual Therapy or Christian Marriage Counseling for those who desire it.  If you are ready to work with a therapist who is a Christian and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), then feel free to schedule your first appointment now.

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